October 13 1998
added message board
the message board is for people to post new techniques and ask for help

October 14 1998
Added Guestbook
Please Sign the Guestbook!!!!!!!

October 15 1998
I added a counter to the left frame

October 18 1998
I added a different counter

Please tell your friends about my page!!
If word about this page spreads I think it could be
a excellent medium for new techniques and help for modelers
who are having trouble with something.
So use the message board!! That's what its there for!
You post a message and either I or another viewer of this page will respond.Its very simple to use.

I submitted my link to the NMRA's site and they responded and said they will post it as soon as they update.So that should get me some more hits.
If you have any questions or comments please feel free to mail me!!
You don't have to ask me to post my link on your page.In fact if you have a page please link me.
I'm going to add a traction section to the pictures section for a friend of mine.
If you have some picture's mail them to me at NGWorkshop@hotmail.com

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